2021 Guild School

June 12-18, 2021     Maine Maritime Academy, Castine, Maine

The Guild School is held every June at The Maine Maritime Academy in Castine, Maine. It is an intensive week-long learning experience offering a wide variety of courses taught by exceptionally talented Artisans and Fellows of The Guild.


Guild School is CANCELED for 2020

Please Join Us at Virtual Guild School

NOTE: This information is for students who are already registered for Guild School 2020.

It is with a mixture of disappointment and relief that we announce that Guild School 2020, Minis Make Me Smile, is cancelled. In these uncertain times, there is just no way we can guarantee a risk-free Castine Experience. Travel for most people is a cause for serious concern or it is restricted. This is very sad to all of us who love school and especially now when we want and need to see friends and make minis together. Given the state of the global economy, it may also be a significant financial hardship on our students for whom even $200 is critical; and to our instructors who will lose a portion of their income. By canceling, we are being responsible and caring for our participants.

What we know now:

  • We’ll keep the same theme/logo – Minis Make Me Smile
  • Same classes and instructors will be offered. There may be some variation due to special considerations – e.g., an instructor can’t teach in 2021, enrollment in the 2020 class was not as high as it could be so a new project would be offered; new instructors may want to send in proposals; students may want a different class. Students would have the first choice of the classes they are in now or they could select a different class. We will have a registration process as usual, with choices.
  • The $200 deposit is no longer non-refundable. You will get it credited to your 2021 registration deposit for school. A process for doing this will be created.
  • No payments have been processed April 1. If you paid your tuition fee earlier, it will be refunded to you.
  • No seminar payments or selection has taken place. We will start all over next year with seminars. If you wrote a check, I will notify you via email and rip up the check.
  • We have made no payments, nor do we have any financial obligations to the Maine Maritime Academy.
  • We are working on a process for giving some compensation from a reserve emergency account to instructors.

Timeline will follow the usual sequence; dates to be determined :

  • Proposals to teach 2021 are due May 15, 2020.
  • Shortly after that the School Committee will have a video chat to determine the classes and instructors.
  • A Pre-registration Form and list of classes and instructors will be posted on the website and a deadline will be set.
  • 2021 catalogue will be available in August, and a deadline for returning class choices will be set.
  • The lottery will happen with first priority given to students who chose the class they were scheduled for in 2020..

What is the Guild School?

  • 34 instructors, all Artisans or Fellows of the Guild
  • 40 classes to choose from
  • six full days of classes
  • six to eight hours each day
  • a variety of classes for all skill levels
  • many different mediums
  • small classes
  • evening seminars
  • student and instructor exhibit
  • minis, munchies and more sale night
  • live and silent auctions
  • lobster cookout
  • graduation night banquet and exhibit of class projects
  • over 200 miniaturists from more than 35 states and 12 other countries
  • a picture-perfect campus in a quaint, historical, coastal village
  • and more!

Guild School 2019 Slideshow (view on YouTube)

To access the photos in the slideshow, click here. You can just view the photos (451); download individual photos; share individual photos with family/friends; or you can purchase individual print photos. You are welcome to share this link with anyone you wish.

Photography: Lena Kiefhaber

Check out videos from past Guild Schools.

General Information

Acommodations and Meals

Students share a large dormitory room with one other person of their choice, or if desired, a roommate will be assigned. Each person has her or his own bed, dresser, closet, and desk. Linens are provided. Fresh bath towels are supplied daily. Each pair of rooms share a large bath. A private room with shared bath is available for an additional charge. Other limited sleeping accommodationsare available for an additional cost. Students may choose to room and take meals off-campus. There is no smoking on campus property.

Meals are served cafeteria-style in the dining hall, a spacious building located in the center of campus. Offerings include a selection of hot entrees that change daily; salad bar; large selection of fruit, cereal, and bread items; coffee, tea, milk, juice, and sodas; ice cream; other dessert items. Other meals include the opening dinner, a lobster cookout, and the graduation banquet. Special dietary needs will be accommodated.


  • $1600 includes 36 hours of instruction, a shared room and meals.
  • $900 includes 36 hours of instruction; make your own arrangements for off-campus room and meals.
  • $275 for an additional 12 hours of classes, a total of 48 hours of instruction.
  • $650 for a shared room and meals for non-participating guest.

Additional Charges

The selection and accompanying additional charges for a private room with shared bath or other limited accommodations will be made during the next few months. You will receive a handout of information and forms regarding these options.

Other additional charges may be incurred, such as airport ­shuttle, seminars and extra overnight accommodations.


Registration requires a minimum deposit of $200, which is applied to the tuition fee. This deposit is non-refundable. Payment can be made by check (from US banks only and in US Dollars), VISA or Master Card.

The tuition fee and additional charges are payable in full before April 1. Students who have not met this deadline will risk forfeiting their positions in classes with waiting lists.


The school is open to non-members as well as Guild members. However, members in good standing receive a $25 discount on the tuition fee. Only one discount is allowed per family.

Full-tuition scholarships to the school are awarded annually.


The campus is situated on a hill, so people with serious health problems need to consider their ability to walk ­between the various buildings used throughout the week. There is limited driving and parking access close to buildings. Elevators are available, but few and far between.

All registrants will be notified of their course assignment(s) upon receipt of the deposit and registration form.

Prior to the start of school, students will receive correspondence regarding seminars, rooming assignments, airport shuttle service, etc. Throughout the year, students will receive updates and announcements via email blasts in Guild School News. Please read these email newsletters as this is the only method of communication throughout the year.

Students will also receive correspondence by April 1 from their instructor(s) regarding necessary supplies, tools, materials fees, etc.

Pre-Register for Guild School 2021

Download the pre-registration form now!

This is not a mysterious process. There are two types of registrations: regular and pre-registered. Here is how it goes.

The tuition for the 2021 Guild School is $1600 and is due April 1, 2021. This includes 36 hours of instruction, room, and meals.

Pre-Registration (June - August 1, 2020)

  • A deposit of $200, which is applied to the cost of your tuition, entitles you to an advance mailing of the descriptive catalogue containing the courses and instructors being offered at Guild School 2021.
  • The deposit is non-refundable and cannot be applied to subsequent school year’s tuition in the event you are unable to attend in 2021.
  • The advantage of pre-registering is that it enables you to make your course selections sooner and quite possibly before a class is likely to fill up.
  • It does not guarantee you a position in your first-choice class if you happen to choose a class that is over-subscribed to by our pre-registered students or by our 2020 students who have priority due to school cancellation.
  • You will, however, be included in a lottery drawing of all pre-registered students. This lottery is what determines the order in which classes are assigned.
  • Anyone can pre-register. Deadline for pre-registration is August 1, 2020.

Special Circumstances for Students Who Were Registered for 2020

  • Your $200 deposit for 2020 will be credited to your 2021 pre-registration.
  • The classes and instructors will remain the same as 2020 (with some minor changes). Students have the first right to remain in their 2020 class.
  • You can opt to leave your paid $200 deposit in the school accounts and pay an additional $200 for 2021.
  • You need to confirm you will return to school (pre-register) in 2021. Email me or return the form below.
  • If you know you can’t return to school in 2021 and are in a financially challenging position, email me and you will get your $200 deposit refunded, confidentially.

Regular Registration (August 2, 2020 - May 1, 2021)

  • For registrations received after August 1, class assignments are made first-come, first-serve, and are based on availability – after the pre-registered students are placed according to the draw of the lottery.
  • The $200 deposit is non-refundable and cannot be applied to subsequent tuitions.
  • The advantage of regular registration is that the descriptive catalogue is available and you will know all about the classes being offer; whereas pre-registered students only have a listing.
  • Registration for classes ends on May 1. However, late registrations may be accepted based on the approval of the instructor(s) and the director.


If you must cancel, all the money you have paid to the Guild School, less $200 for administrative costs, is refundable upon cancellation through April 30. The cancellation fee is not applicable to any subsequent school’s tuition.

Cancellations received from May 1 through May 15 will receive a 50% refund. No refunds will be issued after May 15.

Unless otherwise stated, the materials fee is paid directly to the instructor prior to the start of school. This fee is refundable only if a cancellation is filled. A student who cancels does not receive any materials.

Some Other Key Points to Think About:

  • The final balance of the tuition is due by April 1, 2021.
  • Registration and tuition payments (by check or credit card) can be made by mail, email, or phone.
  • Pre-registration forms can be downloaded from the IGMA website.
  • After August 1, the full description and photos of the classes are posted on the website.


For Information Contact:

Barbara Davis
School Director
3485 North Main Street
Soquel, CA 95073-2211
(831) 464-4638