Guild School Videos

A selection of videos from Guild School in Castine Maine.

Guild School 2023 Past Guild Schools

Guild School 2023

Darren Scala - Guild School 2023 Student Exhibition Walk Through

Darren Scala - Guild School 2023 Graduation Night

The Best Week In Miniatures! Inside A Week At Guild School

Becky Gannon, Miniature Instagrammer and host of the podcast Mad About Miniatures gives you an inside look at IGMA Guild School.

Welcome To Guild School
Check out the beautiful campus & town.

The Biggest Mistake We Made About Guild School - Not Going Sooner!
Main takeaway - you don’t wait to go to Guild School until you are “better” - you go to Guild School to get better!

Meet Hannah Lemon, Winner Of Best In Miniatures
One of the prizes for winning on the Best in Miniatures television show came to Guild School! I talk to Hannah about the miniature koi pond she brought, the show and Guild School.

Live With Becky At The Exhibition
Tour the Exhibition Hall with me so you can see the wonderful miniatures students and teachers have brought to share!

Father Daughter Exhibition
Martha Maxwell and her father, Jack Hall, exhibited a special vignetter created to show off her Hitty collection.

Lobster Night & Auction
A favorite tradition at Guild School is Lobster Dinner & Auction Night! Everyone enjoys a tasty lobster dinner and then afterward there is an auction of fabulous miniatures. Proceeds go to fund the IGMA Guild School Scholarship Fund.

Making Paper Flowers
See what I made in my class with Pia Becker!

Latonya Collier - My 1st year journey to the Guild School in 2023
See Latonya Collier's YouTube channel, C Miniatures - My 1st year journey to the Guild School in 2023.

Guild School 2023 Slide Show

Past Guild Schools

Videos created at Guild School by videographer Jeremy Almeda.

First Day of School

Class Montage 1: Carol Wagner, Althea Crome, Pat Richards

Class Montage 2: Bonni Backe, Seminars - Nancy Simpson, Janet Reyburn, Bonni Backe, Tim Kraft, Dominique Autin

Class Montage 3: Alan Hamer, Jamie Carrington, Peter Kendall

Raku Pottery: Jon Almeda

Lobster Night and Auctions

Furniture Construction 1: Mark Murphy, Pam and Pete Boorum, Carol Hardy

Furniture Construction 2: Geoff Wonnacott

Furniture Construction 3: Bob Hurd, Iulia Chin Lee

Silversmithing: Pete Acquisto

Exterior Structure: Noel and Pat Thomas

Minis, Munchies, and More: Sale Night

Guild School Slideshows

Following are slideshows from Guild School in previous years

Guild School 2022

Guild School 2021

Virtual Guild School 2020 Graduation Exhibit of Student Projects

Guild School 2019

Guild School 2018

Guild School 2017

Guild School 2016

Guild School 2015

Guild School 2014

Guild School 2013

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Guild School 2011