Going Once…Going Twice….

Painting by John Hodgson

Marine Painting by John Hodgson

Besides the wonderful sales room where treasures abound, the Guild Show also serves as the location for the primary fundraising events of the Guild’s year, a series of auctions scheduled, to run throughout the weekend where a whole other selection of treasures will be waiting to tempt you.

Painted Cabinet/bench by James Hastrich

Painted Cabinet/bench by James Hastrich

Silent auctions take place in the mornings and afternoons just outside the salesroom, and the grand pooh-bah of auctions, the live auction, takes place Saturday evening at 5 p.m., following the close of sales. It is a festive occasion complete with cash bar and lots of good-natured banter among the participants and the cheering onlookers.

The auction proceeds enable the Guild to continue in its mission of promoting miniatures as an art form, through the hosting of study programs, through sponsoring traveling exhibitions, and by offering study grants to our members and, to the public at large.

Items featured in our auctions are all donations from our generous members and supporters. Everything is very gratefully accepted-and tax deductible to boot!

Stumpwork Panel in the style of the 17th century by Patricia Richards

Stumpwork Panel in the style of the 17th century by Patricia Richards

Here you see several pieces that are destined for the live auction Saturday evening. The first two are by artists that rarely appear at shows anymore, which means their work is getting harder to find. The third piece was made specially for the auction this year.

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  1. Laura Sett;e says:

    Marvelous addition to our member benefits ! Kudos to everyone involved, and my best wishes for a successful show and auction for our organization.

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