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At the Flea Circus by Bo Press (2 1/8" h x 1 5/8" w)

At the Flea Circus by Bo Press (2 1/8" h x 1 5/8" w)

Miniaturists love it when the miniatures are as authentic and functional as the full-size pieces. When doors and drawers actually open and close, it adds a little touch of magic. Miniature books with readable type possess that magic as well. It is certainly a lot less expensive to fill your dollhouse library with blank books, but a book that really opens and can be read? That will add a very special touch to the scene.

Gisborne by Prue Batten and Bo Press

Gisborne by Prue Batten and Bo Press, available in miniature and microminiature volumes

Pat Sweet of Bo Press started making miniature books soon after setting out to build a dollhouse. A lifelong passion for books and reading required that the dollhousehave a library and, of course, what is a library without books? She soon found that miniature books of a decent quality were easily as expensive as full-size, hard bound volumes. After purchasing a few, Pat, a theatrical costumer by trade, and tinkerer by nature, decided to give bookbinding a try herself. Sixty plus books later, she’s still at it.

The books that make up the offerings of Bo Press, are available in two sizes, micro-miniature or dollhouse size, and what the publishing world calls miniature books…anything under 3″ tall. The subjects involved are varied and unique and include poetry, art, science, literature and maps; everything from a papyrus bound book on heiroglyphics to a folio of maps from Gulliver’s Travels.

The Night Tellurion by Bo Press

The Night Tellurion by Bo Press (1 1/2 " x 1 1/2" x 3 1/8")

Pat has also developed a line of ‘library accessories’ including pocket globes, orreries and tellurions executed in a marvelous science fiction/fantasy style with delicate Japanese decorative papers and brass fittings. Each is a completely unique, one of a kind design that will not be repeated.

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  1. Valerie Young says:

    Pat is not only talented but very witty which is easy to see in both her choice of subject matter for both her books and accessories. All are a lot of fun which is, of course the product of an intelligent and literate thinking.

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