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What is Passementerie?

Plainly speaking, passementerie is an all inclusive term for the many and varied wonderful trims you see in the craft and fabric stores; ribbons, cording, fringe and even tassels are all included in the term. In even the largest cities and … Continue reading

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Craft in America

With hundreds of channels to choose from and amazing new series’ popping up on every cable channel, some days it still seems like there is nothing worthwhile to watch on television. One day last weekend while waiting for something more entertaining to begin, we happened upon a … Continue reading

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Marching into the New Year!

I don’t know about you, but I keep several ‘calendars’ in my brain, and run into trouble when I forget that, say, April on the miniatures calendar is the same April on the birthday calendar. For example, on the miniatures calendar, the month … Continue reading

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