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Demi-Tasse Miniatures | A Master of Masters

In the field of miniature ceramics, Lee-Ann Chellis Wessel has stood out as one of the best of the best for a very long time. Known primarily for her work in majolica, Lee-Ann is also widely sought out for her … Continue reading

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Monica Graham | A Tisket, a Tasket…

Like many people, Monica’s first brush with scale miniatures came as a child through her brothers’ interests in model trains, boats and planes. And like many, that interest was left behind with childhood, only to be reawakened as a result … Continue reading


Bo Press | May I Borrow Your Glasses?

Miniaturists love it when the miniatures are as authentic and functional as the full-size pieces. When doors and drawers actually open and close, it adds a little touch of magic. Miniature books with readable type possess that magic as well.┬áIt … Continue reading

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