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William and Mary Highboy by Ed Heeg

William and Mary Highboy by Ed Heeg

Ed Heeg is a relative newcomer to dollhouse miniatures having only recently ventured into this tiny world. Ed had spent many years previous, honing his woodworking skills on scale models and life-sized work before taking a small detour, in 2009, into the world of 1/12 scale miniatures. He found he had a talent for working in this scale and thus launched a new career for himself as Ed Heeg, Miniature Cabinetmaker.

Replicating American masterpieces has become his prime interest and he has put his skills to work on items representative of a variety of styles, from Morris chairs of the Arts and Crafts movement to Sheraton sideboards and William and Mary style highboys. Ed takes great pride in creating heirloom pieces that collectors will be proud to pass on to future generations. The research he puts

Queen Anne Lowboy by Ed Heeg

Queen Anne Lowboy by Ed Heeg

into¬†his work is evident in each exquisite piece; each table, chair and drawer made as completely as possible with the same construction techniques that you would find on the full-size piece. You will see through mortise and tenon joinery on the arms of his Morris chairs and hand-cut dovetail construction on his drawers. Ed’s love for the work is evident in each piece. Please join us in welcoming Ed as a dealer to the Guild Show for the first time this year.

2 Responses to Passionate About Fine Furniture

  1. Cheryl Kerfoot says:

    Wow! Another master craftsman has joined our little world. Thanks for showing Ed’s work and let’s hope we’ll get to see more of his masterpieces in the near future!


  2. Barbara Davis says:

    I agree with Cheryl. I love to see new furniture makers. How great that he will be at the Guild Show. I am already packed.

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