IGMA Guild Fellow Jamie Carrington to Teach “Court Gown of the 1780s” Class in London

carrington2016IGMA Fellow Jamie Carrington will be teaching “Court Gown of the 1780s” in London at the Imperial College London from Tuesday, May 10 through Thursday, May 12, 2016. There are still spaces available to attend this miniature fashion design class! Miniaturists, collectors, and miniature enthusiasts will study under Jamie’s tutelage, and will create a lavish panniered gown in 1:12 scale. The class fee is £265 for IGMA members and £280 for members of the public. To register for “Court Gown of the 1780s” and for location information, please click here.

Jamie brings exceptional knowledge of period gowns, corsetry and underpinnings to his classes. His students will be using pure silk (dyed) for this court gown, and the weight of this fabric and other trimmings will be discussed in detail. Cotton lace will also be used.

Students will be given size 12 Sharps by John James and will learn step-by-step how to execute the bucket panniers that hold the skirt out sideways. The stiffened underskirt will be extensively decorated, as will the lavish over the skirt. These pieces will be sure to complement the bodice.

unnamedStudents in this London class will have access to numerous patterns to use for embellishing the over skirt. In addition, a variety of ribbons, trims and lace will be available. You can certainly craft this gown as you see (and sew) fit!

Before you create any period gown a knowledge of the corsetry and underpinnings is vital to create the right pose of the body and the hang of the gown.

Jamie will carefully instruct students on how to appropriately assemble each gown on to the mannequin provided in class. The final touch? Forming the lavish powdered wig trimming into a style that suits your taste. Students will learn a secret trick to creating drape, movement and gravity.

unnamedOne of the greatest benefits of this particular class by Jamie is that many of these techniques can be applied to other periods of fashion. If you have a knack for great style and love classical periods, this class ought not to be missed!

All materials are provided but students are asked to come to class with small, sharp scissors (to be used on fabric and paper).

This year’s IGMA classes in London will take place days before the 2016 Kensington Dollhouse Festival which is open to the public on Friday, May 13 and Saturday, May 14 at Kensington Town Hall on Hornton Street in London. For show hours and information, please visit dollshousefestival.com.

For more information on Jamie Carrington, click here.

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