London’s Calling

Its a bit of a siren song for me and the pull is very strong.

After discovering miniatures, it didn’t take long to begin coveting the truly fabulous work coming from American and international artists at shows like the Guild Show and the Chicago International. I knew, though, that there was another wonderful show in London, with dealers that rarely crossed the pond to show in America. I finally got a chance to attend the Kensington Dollshouse Festival in London a few years ago with my sister, and we had a ball. We stretched the trip into a week, taking in the show and a whole host of other activities. Two years later I had the chance to return, this time as a dealer and as a teacher at the IGMA classes now being offered in the days just prior to the show. What a terrific opportunity to combine miniatures and travel!

IGMA classes in London

IGMA classes in London

This year the Kensington Dollshouse Festival takes place May 13 and 14, with the IGMA classes being held Tuesday, May 10 through Thursday May 12, immediately preceding the show. The classes on offer this year will be taught by Geoff Wonnacott/furniture, Tine Krijnen/bookbinding and Jamie Carrington/costuming and will range from 1 to 3 days in length. The dates may seem like eons away now-but those able to plan this far in advance will find many hotels offering quite nice deals. Be sure to consider adding a few extra days to your stay, London is jam packed with fascinating museums, historic houses and cultural destinations enough to fill months of vacation time!


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