The Guild School Catalog is Out!









By now everyone who has pre-registered for the 2016 session should have received their copy of the catalog in the mail. If you haven’t pre-registered, or have never attended Guild School, pick a catalog up at a miniatures show, School Director Barbara Davis will be at the Philadelphia Miniaturia next weekend (November 6-8), or check out the catalog on line. This year there are 52 classes on the schedule, in varying lengths from 12 to 48 hours. If you opt for a 48 hour class, you’re done, no other choices to consider, but if you choose a class of fewer hours, you can stack them up until you reach 48 hours-just make sure they don’t overlap! Any combination of 12, 24 and 36 hours, all in one media, or mix them up-you can always sleep when you get back home.

Each class description will give you a good idea of what work will be involved. Will there be a lot of power tool usage, are you likely to finish in class-or will additional work be required, how much previous experience is necessary to navigate the class successfully? To navigate the week-no experience is necessary, but each class has its own recommendations, and for the best learning experience for you and everyone else in the class, please observe and obey the experience guidelines!

And for those who have pre-registered, remember that the School Director needs your completed registration form in her hands, not postmarked,  in her hands, by November 20.

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