A Call for Submissions

The Mini Time Machine, Tucson, AZ

The Mini Time Machine, Tucson, AZ

The Mini Time Machine Museum in Tucson, Arizona is planning an exhibit for this fall entitled ‘Miniaturists of the Southwest: Work by Artisan and Fellow Members of IGMA’.

Any Artisan or Fellow member of the Guild residing in Arizona, New Mexico, California, Nevada, Utah or Colorado is invited to submit photos of their work for inclusion in the exhibit. The work may be in any format or media, a roombox, furniture, accessories, etc, but may not exceed 18″ in any direction. It should be ready to display and must remain on display for the length of the exhibit.

Additional information and details governing submissions may be found at their website, www.theminitimemachine.org.

The Mini Time Machine Museum is the creation of Pat and Walter Arnell who have been involved with miniatures for many years, but collecting in earnest since 1979. The museum was born of their desire to share with others the miniatures that have so fascinated them. The idea that, like a time machine, miniatures have the power to transport viewers to many times and places across history and through imagination and so the museum gained its name and its raison d’être.

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