Bring on the New Year!

And so 2014 begins to unfold before us; most of what it holds in store remains a mystery, but there is one big event we are looking forward to celebrating throughout the year.  2014 heralds the 35th anniversary of the International Guild of Miniature Artisans and the Guild would like to celebrate with all their miniature loving friends.

The first of many celebrations on the calendar is a gala live auction to be held April 11 at the 2014 Chicago International Miniature Show. For the first time ever, and with the generous assistance of Tom Bishop, IGMA will be hosting a very special auction following Friday’s preview.  The Live Auction will feature special pieces created specifically for this event as well as many exciting pieces being donated by world famous artists and collectors. It is shaping up to be a very lively and festive occasion, and a good time is guaranteed for all, even if you’re not bidding!  Silent Auctions will take place throughout the day on Saturday, April 12. Stop by to see what is up for bids and good luck to all.

Check the IGMA website for the latest information on the Chicago International Auctions.

Other events on the 2014 IGMA calendar include classes in London in May, the 33rd Annual Guild School convenes in June in Castine, Maine, and the major celebration of the Guild’s 35th anniversary will take place at the Guild Show August 9-10. Continue to visit for the latest information.


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  1. SueVeeder says:

    Nice, nice new logo! Very festive. Love the stars.

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