A Mass Migration

I watched an interesting video the other day about migrating herds and their effect on foraging areas. It seems to be the opinion of some that huge herds foraging intensely for short periods is of great benefit to the land. The idea, which has undergone testing in Africa, seems to counter the effect of desertification, something which is becoming a serious thread to large swathes of land across the globe. It may also have a side benefit of helping to remove excess carbon from the atmosphere. The process is described by Alan Savory in a TED conference lecture available on YouTube, if you are interested.

Photo courtesy of Wilderness Travel.

Photo courtesy of Wilderness Travel.

In thinking about my upcoming trip to the Chicago International Miniatures Show, I fine similarities to the animal migrations. We miniaturists aren’t arriving en masse, more like a number of smaller herds, but we certainly will enjoy a great gathering, intensely trampling the sales rooms and feeding off the creativity we find there, and leaving behind some of our own to inspire others before we all return home to work in our smaller herds, or individually, before gathering again at the next event.

What do you fancy yourself as…wildebeest, zebra … perhaps a caribou?

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  1. Olga says:

    Estupendos todos los I.G.M.A quizas algun dia podre formar parte de todos
    felicitaciones besos

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