The Gathering of the Guild

Joins us for The Gathering of the Guild/Desserts and Demonstrations Friday evening, August 2nd, from 7-9 p.m.

Joins us for The Gathering of the Guild/Desserts and Demonstrations Friday evening, August 2nd, from 7-9 p.m.

The annual event which kicks off the Guild Show each year is just what the names states…the Gathering of the Guild, a chance for friends and members to mingle, share a drink and a few stories before the show opened; but it always sounded so intimidating to me. I used to look around for a familiar face before ducking into the sales room to put a few finishing touches on my table display. As of last year, though, the gathering has evolved into a friendly and open forum, now subtitled…Desserts and Demonstrations.

The desserts are a line up of tables overflowing with an assortment of delicious goodies-and some less caloric options, and the demonstrations are a series of roundtables, each with an artist that Annelle Ferguson has enlisted to demonstrate some aspect of their craft. Most are or have been teachers at Guild programs, many are Artisan or Fellow members, and all have something interesting to share.

Jane Graber will be demonstrating the process by which she decorates her miniature American stone and redware. Deb Mackie will show you the method by which she tools and carves miniature leather accessories. Learn how to photograph your miniatures with Dick Hardy, and Susan Grimshaw, an accredited appraiser of miniatures will give you tips on maintaining an accurate inventory of your collection. Pete and Pam Boorum will be demonstrating how to cut tapered legs with the table saw, while Bob Hurd will be showing you how to cut barley twist legs with hand tools. There will be something to please every interest, from sewing to painting, sculpting to the use of LED’s in your displays. And scrumptious desserts to boot!

See the full list of exciting demonstrations on the Special Events page of the Guild Show website-and keep checking back as there will be more special events posted soon, as well as a listing of fun things to do in the New York area that weekend.


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