Looking Forward

Traditionally January 1st is when people give thought to refreshing their lives-starting a diet or maybe committing to begin working  out on a regular schedule. There has been talk these last few weeks, perhaps based on the recent spate of celebrity deaths, and/or the election results, on how 2016 has been a bummer of a year. When focused on the negative, one can always find plenty of ammunition to back up an unhappy outlook on life, but I recently read a newsletter from blogger Ann Wood (of Ann Wood Handmade) that reminded me of something I used to tell my kids, when you focus on the negative, its all you can see. So, take a deeper look and find the good things, they are there!

Do you see the sun, or the clouds?

Do you see the sun, or the clouds?

There is a small ritual that can help you to notice those good things, and can help to change your outlook as well. Every day, write down 3 good things that happened that day. It can be as trifling as having had a text from a friend, or a tasty meal, they don’t have to be earth shockingly important events. But, if you choose to remind yourself daily of things that were good, you will find yourself noticing the good more often, and focusing on the negative less.

I’m looking forward to reuniting with some of my miniature community at the Colonial Williamsburg Study Program in a short time-and by the time I come home, perhaps the notice of which class I was accepted into at Guild School will have arrived. Happy thoughts indeed!


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