A Window into the Past

This minute spice chest is the project for Bill Robertson's Williamsburg class.

This minute spice chest is the project for Bill Robertson’s Williamsburg class.

There are not many places where you really get the feeling that if you just slipped through the right door, you might find yourself emerging into the 18th century; well, Colonial Williamsburg feels that way to me. As an adult, I’ve been visiting Colonial Williamsburg in January for a Guild Study Program or three, and crowds of tourists at that time of year, are non-existent.

The limited tourism schedule is one of the reasons IGMA can continue to hold study programs in Williamsburg each year. The reduced number of visitors means that lodging rates and classroom rentals are relatively inexpensive, and also that the curators and other staff are happy to assist us with research and planning while there are fewer demands on their time and skills.

Tools for the Colonial hearth is the subject of Alan Hamer's Williamsburg class.

Tools for the Colonial hearth is the subject of Alan Hamer’s Williamsburg class.

This year we are pleased to offer four classes-two in woodworking, one in metal, and one in needlework, along with an optional Monday seminar on painting floor cloths with Williamsburg’s own, Sue Rountree.

Sue and her husband, Joe, are kind enough to welcome attendees, students and guests, to their home for the program’s Friday night dinner-the ceremonial opening to the weekend. Of course we’ve already had the chance to take in a tour or two-this year a special viewing of the exhibit Architectural Clues to 18th Century Williamsburg at the DeWitt Wallace Museum, and a private viewing of several of Colonial Williamsburg’s historic buildings.

More information is available on the IGMA website, and brochures are in the mail to all IGMA members.




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