A New IGMA Study Program is On the Way!

The Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, NY.

The Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, NY.

There are often many reasons to attend a miniatures show beyond the obvious attraction of great miniatures for sale; the Guild Show is no exception. For most of its history, the Guild Show has offered a great line-up of classes and special events; this year a Guild Study Program is being added to the schedule to tempt miniaturists with a more intensive learning opportunity.

The restored north room of the Jan Martense Schenck house, the inspiration for Peter Kendall's class at the Guild Show Study Program.

The restored north room of the Jan Martense Schenck house, the inspiration for Peter Kendall’s class at the Guild Show Study Program.

If you’ve ever had the chance to attend an IGMA Study Program, you will know that they are comprised of 18 hour classes with projects based on pieces in an historically or culturally significant collection or location. From the plethora of possibilities in the New York City area, the Brooklyn Museum was chosen for its outstanding collection of decorative arts from the earliest periods of New York’s history. Three of the four classes will be focusing on pieces from the early Dutch colonial period, the fourth class, somewhat more modern, focusing on a mid-nineteenth century child’s armchair in the iconic, Thonet bentwood style. Program participants will enjoy a visit to the Brooklyn Museum to view the project inspirations before classes begin on August 3.

A Thonet child's bentwood armchair, inspiration for Bill Studebaker's Study Program class.

A Thonet child’s bentwood armchair, inspiration for Bill Studebaker’s Study Program class.

If  you’re not interested in this 3 day program, there are many other learning opportunities at the 2016 Guild Show-classes ranging from a few hours to full-day in length and in a variety of media…from flower to cake making, learn faux finishing, paint a panel, or make a wearable vignette in a pocket watch case! Sign up for the Broadway event and enjoy dinner and the classic spectacle ‘The King and I’ Thursday evening, or hop on the bus Friday morning with Mike Barbour to explore the fabric district-treasures are guaranteed on these exciting adventures.

The Classes and Special Events brochure will be available beginning at the Chicago International Show in April, and as usual, all the information can be found on the IGMA website.

Photos courtesy of the Brooklyn Museum.

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