Calling All Miniaturists!

With so many organizations soliciting for your attention and your funds every day, what is it about the International Guild of Miniature Artisans that may help us to stand out when we make an appeal? We certainly are not saving lives in the strictest sense of the word-but having something that you love and enjoy sharing with others certainly helps to make life worth living.

Items from last year's IGMA auctions, from Kerri Pajutee and Christina Goodman.

Items from last year’s IGMA auctions, from Kerri Pajutee and Christina Goodman.

The Guild raises its operating funds in several ways-your dues, first and foremost, but also through auctions that we hold at our annual show and sale, and occasionally at other functions throughout the year. This year we will be holding the second, in what we hope will become an annual tradition, at Tom Bishop’s Chicago International Show in April. The money we raise from our auctions goes directly into IGMA’s many educational and outreach programs, helping to keep the cost to program participants as low as possible. That is how Guild programs can remain so affordable and our dues at the same level they have been for many years.

The auction offers miniaturists many ways to support IGMA, one of which does not even involve your wallet! You can, if you wish, support IGMA with the donation of a miniature, it might be something that you made, or that you have acquired at some point, perhaps something you bought, but which never found its way into that special project.

If it is within your budget, come to the auction Friday, April 17 and bid on one or more of the many special pieces that will be on the auction block. One of a kind pieces will be found and the occasional bargain, too. Even if you’re not bidding, it is a truly fun event, there is no one like our auctioneer Duffy Wineman to keep everyone on the edge of their seat with excitement and laughter.

Please visit the IGMA web site for more information.

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