Oh, Christmas Tree

Have you been out shopping lately? It is a madhouse in any store where you might conceivably purchase a gift for someone. Far better to stay home and play with minis, maybe make some mini gifts!

Miniature Christmas scene with brush trees.

Miniature Christmas scene with brush trees.

This year I’ve been noticing a proliferation of tiny paper houses designed for miniature holiday displays. They look really neat on miniature mantels or under a miniature tree. There have also been

Brush trees atop a 1/12 scale toy piano made by Tracey Meeker.

Brush trees atop a 1/12 scale toy piano made by Tracey Meeker.

discussions about where to get, or how to make tiny trees with which to landscape those displays. Sometimes you can find  small bottle brush type trees in the craft stores, and I know I saw a post somewhere about how to make your own. And, someone once wrote about bleaching the green store bought ones so you could have white trees or other colors. Yipes!

On a recent visit to a friend and fellow miniaturist’s house, I noticed some tiny perfectly shaped little trees in her displays and asked her where she had gotten them.

DenTek brushes ready to be put to alternate uses!

DenTek brushes ready to be put to alternate uses!

Well, she laughed as told me-and now you can be in on the joke, too! They began life as dental brush tools for cleaning  your teeth. Tiny, perfect, little, conical brushes on a plastic handle. You can paint them any color you wish, add glitter if so desired, then clip them off the handle and plant them in a small scrap of wood. The hardest part is to plant them squarely into the base so that they stand correctly. The brushes come in various sizes from about 3/8 to 1/2 an inch tall and can be found in most drugstores. Make sure you get the conical shaped style as some are just straight up and down and not that typical tree shape.

2 Responses to Oh, Christmas Tree

  1. Karin says:

    I have indeed been busy proliferating tiny paper houses far and wide this past year including the two shown in the photo above. It is a lot of fun for me. Much like a big Christmas cookie party where I would bake shaped sugar cookies for everyone to decorate as they choose. Then we all get to admire the creativity our friends have applied to them. Those two buildings were indeed designed for a gathering of friends who love miniatures to make at a Christmas party.

    Happy Holidays,
    Karin Corbin

  2. Pat Richards says:

    The two tiny houses shown in the post are indeed from Karin Corbin. You can see the whole range of houses she makes here http://www.etsy.com/shop/karincorbin?ref=search_shop_redirect and see what she’s done with them on her blog here http://karincorbin.blogspot.com

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