For Now and Forever

Tea in the dollhouse.

Tea in the dollhouse.

One way to make sure that our hobby continues to enjoy a healthy future is to make sure that we welcome miniaturists with a wide variety of collecting styles and from all age groups into our midst. The Guild Show has always tried to keep that in mind when we select our dealers, and several years ago, we added a very special feature for the youngest collectors. Called ‘Small Beginnings’, it is an area where young miniaturists (under the age of 14) are welcome to shop from among a selection of items priced for their pocketbooks.

This year IGMA is adding another special event just for the younger set…a Sunday afternoon tea party along with special ‘make and take’ activities just for kids. Minis and Tea welcomes the younger collectors to enjoy a festive afternoon with Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa or a favorite auntie, enjoy a sip of pink lemonade, or iced tea, nibble on a cookie and spend some time browsing the Small Beginnings shop.

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