It’s a Winner!

1/12 scale Dutch kas made by Iulia Chin Lee.

1/12 scale Dutch kas made by Iulia Chin Lee.

Iulia Chin Lee began working in 1/12 scale about 20 years ago and has firmly cemented her standing as a master woodworker in that scale in the intervening years. An Artisan member of IGMA, Iulia has won several awards for her skills as a scale woodworker. Most recently, a Dutch kas she made was selected to be shown in a exhibition entitled ‘A Tradition of Craft: Current work by the members of the Society of American Period Furniture Makers’ at the Connecticut Historical Society.

The kas, by definition is a large Dutch style cupboard used for storing linen, ¬†an impressive piece with, usually, two doors, drawers and large ball feet. Iulia’s kas is styled after those from the workshop of Elting Beekman of Kingston, New York, circa 1730. Visit her website for photos of the kas in progress as well as photos of her other work.

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