The New Home

Rembrant by Johannes Landman

It can happen almost without noticing, this collecting thing.  Seeing a new artist at a show, perhaps seeing a piece of their work in someone else’s collection or in an exhibit somewhere, maybe just a casual remark or mention by a friend or in an online group.  You begin to look for the artist’s work and soon you own a small perfect example of their amazing creation.

Young Girl by Johannes Landman

Never mind that it is entirely different from all the miniatures you own.  It brings a thrill every time you see it even if it doesn’t work with any of your other treasures.

Soon other treasures from this artist join the first one and one day it is a collection… a rather large collection that still doesn’t fit in with the other lovelies you’ve accumulated.

An interim measure is created (see No Room at the Inn) and soon out grown.  Then that invisible corner is turned and the perfect new home for these treasures is being designed and other treasures sought to provide a suitable atmosphere for the now ever growing collection.

Paintings by Johannes Landman, Chest of Drawers by David Iriarte, Porcelain by Henny Staring-Egberts, Charger by Lee-Ann Wessel, Chair by Geoff Wonnacott, Needlepoint by Annelle Ferguson, Sofa by John Hodgson, Needlepoint Rug by Catherine Soubzmaigne

Gold and Porcelain by Pete Acquisto and Henny Staring-Egberts, Brass Candlesticks by Bill Robertson, Enameled Fire Screen by Diane Almeyda, Needlepoint Rug by Frances Peterson

In the blink of an eye there is a full blown new home for that one small treasure that has mysteriously multiplied and taken on a life of it’s own.

A Suitable New Home. Roombox by Carol Hardy housing collection by Barbara Davis. Silver by Pete Acquisto, Crystal by Jim Irish and Desk by Carol Hardy

2 Responses to The New Home

  1. Barbara Davis says:

    Thanks for posting the photos of my Landman Gallery. Yes, it is amazing how a collection grows. I am very proud of myself for actually accomplishing the completion of “A Suitable New Home”, as titled in the blog. I want to add a few more artists’ names to the ones mentioned. Silver is by Pete Acquisto, brass candlesticks by Bill Robertson, enameled fire screen by Diane Almeyda, crystal by Jim Irish, rug in the center by Frances Peterson, sofa by John Hodgson, desk by Carol Hardy. Also, a correction – the chair with Annelle Ferguson’s needlepoint was made by Geoff Wonnacott. With few exceptions, all of these talented people are Artisan, Fellow, or General Members of IGMA. Nearly all have taught classes at the Guild School.

  2. Neale m albert says:

    Please give me Johannes landsman’ email address

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