The Dilemma

I’ve had the new Guild School Catalog in my hands since Preview night at The Guild Show in September.   I always preregister to have the widest possible choice in classes I’ll sign up to take in Castine next summer.  It is the end of November, my choices have to be received by midnight December 1 to be eligible for the random drawing for classes.  I STILL  don’t know what to choose!

I’ve made lists, drawn charts, talked with friends.  The catalog has been read and reread, pictures closely examined, skill levels noted and still no decisions.

The truth is that I always love the classes I take the real issue is the classes I CAN’T take.  Given the limitation of only one week and a maximum of 48 hours of classroom time it is impossible to do everything.  Thus the dilemma is as much what I won’t be choosing as what I will.  Sigh.



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