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What Makes a Successful Show

Many factors contribute to the success, or heaven forbid, failure, of a miniatures show, but the list of dealers must be considered the backbone of a great show. Getting a great dealer list together, though, is a bit of that old conundrum, which came first, … Continue reading

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A Brand New Schedule of Classes!

One thing that the Guild is well known for is excellent educational opportunities. The Guild School is known and respected world-wide, Guild Study Programs have a steady following of devoted attendees, and classes, in a variety of lengths and media, abound at every … Continue reading

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So, Happy New Year?

Evidently the ancient Babylonians were the first people to make New Year’s resolutions but experts believe those resolutions were probably more along the line of pledges made to the gods in hopes for good luck in the coming year, and may have … Continue reading

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