Gallery of the Guild

The Gallery of the Guild is an IGMA program that recognizes the fine quality work by Artisan and Fellow members. It is designed for Artisan and Fellow members, who do not produce enough product to sustain a full dealer table or are otherwise represented, to sell their work through the Guild.

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The Gallery of the Guild will be at the following shows:

How it Works

This IGMA Artisan and Fellow member benefit is a great way to put your actual pieces in front ofcollectors at the best shows, without the cost of doing the shows yourself. Collectors love to see pieces in real life and see the incredible detail that cannot always be appreciated on a computer screen photo.

  • Each IGMA Artisan or Fellow member may send up to 10 pieces, only one (1) of which may be over6" x 8" (i.e. a room box), to the Gallery of the Guild Chairperson to be displayed for sale on theGallery tables at shows around the United States. Check the Gallery schedule to see what showsthe Gallery will be at in the coming months. The pieces you submit will be on sale at all Galleryevents listed on the schedule for one year (one show circuit). If any pieces remain unsold at thattime, they will be returned to you.
  • Please price your pieces carefully with a minimum price of $20, and be aware that the Guild willretain 30% of that price to cover costs of table fees, advertising, and the travel/hotel costs for thevolunteers who maintain the program.
  • When any of your pieces are sold, you will receive a check with a receipt and may then submitadditional pieces.


  • You are responsible for all postage/insurance to and from the Gallery Chairperson. Please make sure to indicate how you wish the pieces to be returned to you, if necessary, at the end of the year and how you wish to pay for the return postage. If you wish to have any or all pieces returned before the year is up, just email a request to the Gallery Chairperson.
  • You are responsible for providing boxes for each piece submitted. Business cards are also recommended so that they many be included with purchases and displayed at the Gallery table.
  • When shipping, pack your pieces very carefully and securely. Neither IGMA nor the Gallery of the Guild can be held responsible for damage in transit.
  • All packages should be sent to arrive at least a week before the next show on the schedule.
  • Fill out the paperwork below and make a copy for your records,
  • Before shipping anything, email the Gallery Chairperson to let them know what to expect and when.
  • Lastly, by signing the application, I agree with the terms outlined.



Download the application here

Please complete and sign the application.
Return with your pieces to:

Carol Block, Chairman
PO Box 7523
Gilford, NH 03247

Tel: 1-617-347-4496