IGMA Room Box Raffle

Imagine yourself owning this furnished room box...

The raffle is for a furnished room box. Just imagine the hostess has returned from a quick errand and special purchase to await a friend for a quiet tea party in her home. Over 40 IGMA members, artisans and fellows have donated items representing their specialties to furnish this room box. It has over a $10,000 value.

Donors to the IGMA Room Box:

Jeanie Anderson
Pete Acquisto
Jose Bolio
Pam Boorum
Pete Boorum
Valeria Bonomi
Peggy Bugg
Hope Elliott Cameron
Kristen Castenschiold
Carol Cook
Nell Corkin
Karon Cunningham
Carolyn Denning
Natalia Frank
Beth Freeman-Kane
Karen Griffiths
Robert Hurd
Kyoko Kimura
Rohit Khanna
Miyuki Kobayashi
Elga Koster
Tim Kraft
Tine Krijnen
Laurie Landa
Johannes Landman
Teresa Layman
Sally Manwell
Marcia McClain
Mary McGrath
Peggy Meyers
Mark Murphy
Nhu Nizza
Mary Grady O'Brien
Frances Peterson
Barbara Sabia
Patrizia Santi
Ron Stetkewicz
Pat Sweet
Nancy Summers
Kate Unver
Mariella Vitale
Christine Young
Lee Ann Chellis Wessel


The proceeds of the room box will go to support IGMA’s educational opportunities.

IGMA’s Facebook page is sharing photos of items donated to the room box on a weekly basis.
Look for three new items each week.


Tickets are $10 each and may be purchased from this site
by sending your payment, name, email, phone number
and if you want the ticket stubs SASE to:
Marcia McClain, 8 Powder Mill Lane, North Granby, CT 06060.
She will send pictures of your ticket stubs.
Checks should be made out to The International Guild of Miniature Artisans or IGMA. 
If you have questions please contact Marcia McClain at 860-653-3945 or mpmcclain@cox.net

Tickets may be also be purchased at
• Sturbridge Dollhouse Miniature Show in Sturbridge, MA on June 1, 2 2019
• IGMA’s Guild School in Castine, ME on June 8-14, 2019
• The Guild Show in Windsor, CT on September 21, 22, 2019
• IGMA board members will also be selling tickets

You may also purchase tickets online by clicking on the donate button below.
You can select your donation in increments of $10 ($10 per ticket).
Please make sure to select "share your address" during checkout so we can know who you are and can get you your tickets.

The winning ticket will be drawn at The Guild Show
on Sunday, September 22, 2019 at 3:00 pm.

 The winner need not be present but is responsible for shipping the room box to its new home.