2017 Guild School

June 10–16, 2017     Maine Maritime Academy, Castine, Maine

48 Hour Classes

INSTRUCTOR: Nell Corkin, Fellow
COURSE: Structure and Mixed Media
PROJECT: 1:144 Scale “Midsomer Cottage”: An English Half-Timbered House

(This class is FULL)

Half-timbered houses are part of the traditional English landscape and have a charm that has made them attractive homes over the centuries. Buildings hundreds of years old are still lived in today. This cottage, “updated” with Victorian windows and with bricks replacing some of the original plaster, is typical of a home that has been lived in for many generations.

This class will offer students the opportunity to learn a wide variety of techniques for working in 1:144 scale. Special emphasis will be placed on methods developed by the instructor to achieve a high level of detail as well as a realistic look in this small scale. Students will construct the cottage from 1/32" plywood, and learn how to modify a variety of purchased “N” scale castings to create the door and windows, as well as how to construct architectural details from strip materials. They will finish both the interior and exterior, using gesso, paint, patterned paper, “N” scale wooden beams, and cast resin fireplaces. They will finish the roof with textured paper “tiles” and add weathering effects to the cottage and roof using colored pencils.

The cottage interior will be fitted with furniture and accessories. Techniques for both will include finishing and/or modifying some pre-cast pieces and scratch building others from a variety of materials, including wood, paper, metal castings, and etched brass. A small trellis will be constructed, painted and weathered; and the landscape will be created using both natural and artificial materials with emphasis on creating a natural appearance as well as composing the design of the landscape to enhance the structure.

Students completing the cottage will have gained knowledge of materials and methods for working on their own 1:144 scale projects. Many of the same techniques can be used for working in other small scales.

time: 48 hours. Completion during class is possible. Students who may not finish during class will have the materials and information they need to complete the project at home.


SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate. No special skills are necessary for this project, but some experience with accurate measuring and cutting is required.

MATERIALS FEE: $75 to be collected at school