Miniature Masterworks

September 15 - 17, 2017   |   National Museum of Toys and Miniatures   |   Kansas City, MO

Be sure to save the date for a this very special juried miniature show and sale.

The National Museum of Toys and Miniatures
5235 Oak Street. Kansas City, MO 64112 U.S.A.

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Miniature Masterworks Artist List

Miniature Masterworks Artist List

*IGMA Artisan   **IGMA Fellow

Artists in blue are returning for this show
Artists in gold are new to shows

Pete Acquisto** USA Silver, Gold Acquisto Silver Co.
Jon Almeda** USA Pottery
Diane Echnoz Almeyda* USA Plique-a-Jour Enamel Keepsake Treasures
Bonni Backe** USA Weaving Weevings
Pia Becker* Germany Plants and Flowers
Debora Beijerbacht* Netherlands Furniture and Accessories
Natasha Beshenkovsky USA Decorative Painting, Figures & Vignettes
Kari Bloom** USA Furniture
Jose Maria Bolio* Mexico Accessories & Vignettes Ulu’s Miniaturas
Jack Cashmere USA Porcelain Cashmere’s Collectables
Nell Corkin** USA 1:144 Structures & Vignettes Miniature Miniatures
Frank Crescente* USA Lighting Crescente Miniature Designs
Althea Crome** USA Knitting Bugknits
Robert Dawson England Structures, Furniture The Model Room
Ursula Dyrbe-Skovsted Denmark Metalwork and marquetry
Annelle Ferguson** USA Needlepoint Mini Stitches
Beth Freeman-Kane** USA Birds and Wildlife South Africa
Peter Gabel* USA Plants and Flowers Flora Extraordinaire
Elizabeth Gazmuri** USA Furniture
Christina Goodman* USA Painting, Jewelry
Jane Graber* USA Pottery Jane Graber Pottery
Jeffrey Gueno** USA Porcelain, Pottery, Accessories, Antiques Le Chateau Miniatures
Pat Hartman** USA Needlework
Phyllis Hawkes** USA Painting Phyllis Hawkes Studio
David Iriate* Spain Furniture
Jim Irish Ireland Cut Glass
Hanna Kahl-Hyland** USA Paintings, Carved Dolls
Rohit Khanna India Furniture Rohit’s Miniatures
Daniela Kiefhaber* Germany Jointed Porcelain Figures, accessories Microdolls
Hiroyuki and Kyoko Kimura** Japan Plants and Flowers Hiroyuki & Kyoko
Miyuki Kobayashi* Japan Aquariums
Elga Koster* South Africa Furniture, Needlework Elga’s Miniatures
Tine Krijnen* Netherlands Bookbinding Miniatuur Boekbinden Tine Krijnen
Lew and Barbara Kummerow USA Antique toys, Tiffany Lamps and Screens, Automata
Johannes Landman* Canada Oil Paintings, Hand Carved Furniture
Thomas and Catherine Latane USA Metalwork, Structures
Chris Malcomson* England Furniture Chris Malcomson Miniatures
Elizabeth McInnes USA Furred Animals
Cristina Noriega Moran* Spain Furniture, Room Boxes
Victoria Morozova Russia Furniture
Susie Mulvany and Kevin Rogers England Structures Mulvany and Rogers
Mark Murphy** USA Furniture
Mary Grady O’Brien** USA Painted furniture Mary Grady O'Brien Fine Miniature Painting
Kerri Pajutee USA Furred Animals
Susan Parris USA Period Clothing and Accessories Susan Parris Originals
Jan Patrie** USA Food Autumn Leaf Studio
Lori Ann Potts** USA Clothing, Accessories, Jewelry Mustard Seed Miniatures
Mario Ramos and Maria Grande Spain Blown Glass Vitreus Ignis
Patricia Richards** USA Needlework, Hats, Accessories
William Robertson* USA Furniture, Metalwork
Brooke Rothshank** USA Painting
Sylvia Roundtree** USA Shoes, Luggage The Doll’s Cobbler
Sandra Wall Rubin** USA Plants and Flowers
Vicky Sanfield* USA Wicker Uncle Ciggie’s Miniatures
Patrizia Santi* Italy Contemporary Accessories, Shoes
Maria Jose Santos Fernandez* Spain Porcelain Figures Carabosse Dolls
Masako Sharra* USA Furniture
Nancy Simpson** USA Baskets Nancy’s Miniature Baskets
Leslie Smith England Painting
Gail St. Clair** USA Needlework Just Imagine Miniatures
Henny Staring-Egberts** Portugal Porcelain
Penny Thomson* England Figures, Vignettes Penny Thomson Limited
Jens Torp England Silver Jens Torp Design
Carol Wagner** USA Plants and Flowers
Lee-Ann Chellis Wessel** USA Pottery and Porcelain Demi Tasse Miniatures
Dustin White USA Structures
Shirley Whitworth Bertram** USA Figures. Clothing, Accessories
Geoffrey Wonnacott** England Furniture
Michael Yurkovic* USA Furniture, Vignettes Atomic Miniature